Extensive Range Of Quality Services We Have to Offer

Being a reputed provider of quality renovation services to the people of Sydney, we have a wide range of dependable amenities to assist you in renovating your beloved home. Starting form repairing the leaking areas of your home to assisting you with the most dependable tiling services, we are your one stop shop to completely rely upon, when it comes to creating a cozy and flawless residential space. Mentioned below are the multiple services we have to offer to you:

Renovation Costs Sydney


May it be your living room space, or it is the bathroom instead, we, Korean Tiler Renovations will assist you with the most affordable as well as exceptional quality house renovations throughout entire Sydney. We make sure to utilize only the best quality products in all our renovation projects so that you are able to attain ultimate peace of mind and maximum value for your investment. When it comes to the expertise of our workers, they are second to none. So, think no more and allow us to take care of your renovation job, while we make sure to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Waterproofing services sydney


Frequently occurring leaking water issues are an annoying nuisance to each homeowner. Dripping bathroom walls, leaking toilets, or cracks in the walls are the most common leaking water issues we all have to deal with. Opting for a faulty DIY project would be biggest mistake to make in such circumstances as waterproofing requires exceptional professional expertise. Well, relax! With the accessibility of our dependable waterproofing services, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Simply give us a call and our expert professionals will assist you with the most satisfactory waterproofing aid, whenever in need.

Bathroom tiles sydney

Bathroom Tiling

Have your existing bathroom tiles become outdated, losing all their sheen and charm? Or have they become completely discolored and dirty? If so then it is the high time to opt for a quality renovation job and implement a new life and aura to your washroom space. In this aspect, we will help. Not only will we assist you with an exceptional bathroom tiling job, we will also offer you the most affordable bathroom tiles cost, as we are one of the most prominent tiles shops in Sydney. So, please get in touch with us to avail our assistance.

Kitchen tiles design sydney

Kitchen Tiling

Are you in the need of opting for a kitchen renovation project? As you conduct all your cooking activities in this space, your kitchen has to confront the harshest kind of wear and tear throughout the day. Extensive moisture, oil, dirt et cetera make the kitchen tiles fade away quickly making them appear ugly and unsightly. Apart from that, cracks and cavities in the walls as well as on the floor make the space a dangerous one too. With our exceptional kitchen tiling services, we will assist you in restoring your kitchen space within the quickest time span. We will also supply you with the finest quality kitchen floor tiles for the most affordable prices.

Cheap floor tiles sydney

Floor Tiling

We, Korean Tiler Renovations will assist you with the most exceptional floor tiling job in your renovation scheme. We are one of the top tillers in Sydney delivering the best and most exceptional tiling assignments to all our clients ensuring they are able to attain maximum satisfaction. So, once we undertake your floor tiling project, you do not have to worry about any future troubles or disappointments as we make sure to engage only the best quality wall and floor tiles in all our dependable renovation projects. We will also provide you with quality yet cheap floor tiles, so that you can minimize your expenses.

Commercial flooring tiles

Commercial Tiling

Our extensive range of tiling services is not restricted to residential tiling projects alone. We are accessible to all your commercial tiling requirements as well, regardless of how small or large the project is. We are one of the prominent providers of commercial flooring tiles in Sydney and are ready to assist you with an economical yet extraordinary tiling job as soon as you let us know of your specific needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss the plan.